Accounts Receivable Insurance
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How to Apply


Accounts Receivable Insurance Checklist

Download appropriate application below.

You will need the following to complete either application:

  1. Sales and loss information for the past 3 years;
  2. Largest single write off each year for the past 3 years;
  3. Buyer name(s), country, city, state, phone, and credit limit;
  4. Summary aging (descending high to low by open balance);
  5. List of Countries in which you do business.

Named Coverage Only Application is for companies that are interested in specific coverage for catastrophic losses (domestic and/or export). For example, you are interested in insuring ALL clients greater than $50,000.

Download Named Coverage Application
     (namedapp.pdf) PDF File - 43kb

Portfolio Coverage Application is designed for clients interested in a portfolio of coverage. The insurance carrier will underwrite your credit policies, practices, and procedures and afford a discretionary limit that allows your credit department to ship up to that limit and still be covered. Amounts above the discretionary limit are specifically named on the policy.

Download Portfolio Coverage Application
     (portfolioapp.pdf) PDF file - 69kb
Download Portfolio Appendices
     (appendicies99.pdf) PDF file - 17kb

Single Debtor Only Application is for companies interested in covering one specific debtor, perhaps to satisfy a lending requirement due to a concentration, too much internal exposure or a new large opportunity with no prior trade experience. Minimum premium (approx. $20,000) is typically higher than multi-debtor (reasonable spread of risk) policies. Domestic coverage of approx. $1,000,000 typically maximizes the minimum premium. Export rates vary by country. Coverage for a feeble credit (negative tangible worth, deficit working capital, out of covenants of their bank loan, etc.) is generally a non-starter. Simply call us and we can speak to an underwriter prior to you completing the application.

Download Single Debtor Only Application
     (ari-single-debtor-app.pdf) PDF file - 117kb

Documentation Check List:

  1. Completed application;
  2. Summary aging (high to low by A/R with totals if available);
  3. Client list with complete name, address, phone, and credit limit;
  4. Broker of Record letter.

Send to:

ARI Global, Inc.
1311 N. Westshore Blvd., Suite 315
Tampa, FL 33607

(800) 320-7338 or (813) 288-8680