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Why ARI?


Accounts Receivable Insurance (ARI Global, Inc.) is a monoline broker specializing in credit insurance. Most of our licensed brokers were former direct writing agents. What this means to your company is we were formally trained on the products we were selling, as well as the entire industry's product line.

As a leading international credit insurance broker, our job is to locate a carrier with the most value for the premium paid. We have relationships with carriers all over the globe. ARI has over 100 years combined experience writing credit insurance. This experience will enable your company to be aligned with the proper carrier in the correct contract.

As you can imagine, insurance carriers have multiple contracts and literally dozens of different types of endorsements. Our job is to select and tailor these endorsements which provide your company the maximum coverage for your investment.

In addition to accessing all U.S. carriers, ARI has an affiliated broker network throughout Europe. This means that your company will have access to all carriers virtually anywhere in the world.

Since our inception, ARI has been consistently recognized as an Elite Broker/Preferred Broker with the major carriers. There are less than a dozen credit insurance brokers in the country that share this distinction.

The ARI process is quite simple. The broker that structures and installs your program is the broker that services your program. What this means to you is a one-stop solution to understanding all your credit insurance needs, as well as servicing of your policy and, most importantly, directly assisting with claims. Many other brokers are structured with a new business representative and then the servicing of the relationship is afforded to a clerical person who is generally not licensed in credit insurance and typically has no formal training.

When you select ARI you are selecting the best.

We hope our site answers any questions you might have about Credit Insurance. If not, simply call us at 800-320-7338.